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Welcome/Introduction Page

Welcome to Ms. Myers English 10 Webpage

Here you will find basic information about:

The classes I teach

What we will have going on throughout the year

Books we will read

Announcements and Upcoming Assignments


Teaching is both, my profession and my calling.  I take very seriously the job of educating young people; therefore students will be challenged, but they will be well equipped to meet those challenges.


My goal is that by the end of the year, students leave my class feeling prepared for the next level and equipped with skills they will carry with them into the world.

Ms. Myers Daily Schedule:
1st: English 10
2nd: English 10
3rd: English 10 Honors
4th: Planning/ Office Hours
5th: English 10
6th: English 10 
7th: English 10


Let's Go!

Class of 2023, welcome to English 10. I am so honored to be part of your educational journey and I am committed to making this the best year possible. Please access this file for instructions regarding logging on to Clever/ Curve. Once in Curve, check out the lessons in your English 10 course for all the info and resources you will need to start this week off right! 

Start Off Right; Complete your Summer Reading

Students and Parents, 
Summer reading assessments will be give over the assigned texts from the summer: Escape from Camp 14 or Bleachers.  If you have not completed your summer reading assignments, please work to do so immediately! There is still time.