Bartlett High School

¡Bienvenido a mi clase de español!

I am so excited to B at Bartlett High School and look forward to an amazing year in Spanish I! In this class students will learn skills, vocabulary, and grammar that will be the foundation for their learning.



  • Grades will be updated weekly in PowerSchool. If you have a question about a grade you may see me after class or you can email me. Respect goes a long way with me. Be kind.
  • I will notify you when there is an opportunity to receive extra credit. Do not wait until a week before grades go out to ask for extra credit. I will not give it.

GRADING SCALE:      A……….90 - 100

                                    B……….80 - 89

                                    C……….70 - 79

                                    D……….65 - 69

                                    F………..64 - 0


Conversation is a MUST in this class! We will be speaking and listening in Spanish EVERY day. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you can reach me by email: