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Parlons Français!

Welcome to French! 
Welcome students!!
My name is Valerie Ellison. I was born in a very small town called Chicoutimi in the province of Québec, Canada. English is MY second language. I came to the United States when I was in 9th grade and I learned English AND Spanish at the same time because most of my classmates who were learning english with me were latinos from all over the world. I absolutely LOVE ALL cultures.( Culture is a word that covers so many things; language, foods, music, dance, art, history, people, traditions, and so much more.) I am STILL a student of cultures. French culture covers over 29 countries who have French as their primary or secondary language. I am excited to share the French language and its diverse cultures with you and hopefully you too will become passionate about learning new languages. 
For my returning students: I am so thankful to have walked this journey with you this far. Let's continue to explore new French skills and reinforce the ones you already have mastered! .... I am so glad to have you back!! Allons-y!
For parents: As we continue to encourage student to take ownership of their education, I remain in awe of how much parent involvement we have at BHS. Behind every good teacher, there is an involved parent. Let's work together to make sure your teen is successful in this class. 
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*Note: Remain respectful and always assume the best, if there is an error, it can be fixed. If there is a misunderstanding it can be fixed. Always remain respectful in ALL of your written communication with ALL adults. Keep in my that we are ALL doing the best we can. I will not address Power School issues on remind, wait until next class period or send an email. 
2. You must be able to access your virtual textbook at all times. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain your login and passcode from me. If you lose it, communicate this to me IMMEDIATELY so I can help resolve the issue. This is a good reason to send me a text on Remind. 
3. Syllabus is available as attachment BELOW. 
4. These are the standards we will focus on this year.
Click this link to visit the Department of Education website and view our current standards (under modern languages). 
Covid 19 has placed a huge inconvenience on our learning path. I have so many emotions about the old normal and the new normal. Please be flexible with yourself, your peers & with your teachers. Give yourself a lot of grace, and give others a lot of grace too. If we just do our best, we are already trying. Wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands periodically is highly encouraged. If you keep yourself safe, you also keep others safe. Others that you may love, others that you may never meet. We are TRULY in this together and we ARE getting through it. Please keep yourself updated with Covid 19 news here --->>
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Covid 19 INFO
If school closes without warning due to Covid, you will STILL have assignments posted in Curve and I will continue to stay in contact on Remind. Check BOTH daily for updates.