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Who is your English teacher?

My first year teaching was at Overton High School.  I have taught at Central High School, Memphis; Wynne High School and Bolton High School.  I received my Masters from the University of Memphis.  Over the course of my career, I have taught 9th, 10, 11th grades, all the parts of IB Literature,  AP Language and Composition, Creative Writing and Etymology.  I am nationally certified, a Reader for the College Board in AP Language, and a College Board Consultant for the AP Language Exam.  If you would like to get a flavor of my teaching style, check out the literature podcast I do with my husband, Garry, How to Love Lit Podcast.  It's on all podcast platforms and teaches the texts we use in our classroom. Everyone is welcome to listen!!!   I am a native of Washington D.C. but graduated from high school in Minas Gerais, Brazil. My daughter Lizzy, a former panther, is a junior at UTK.  Anna, my other daughter currently teaches English in La Coruna, Spain. This my fifth year at Bartlett High School, and I am very excited about being a Panther!!!  



How to do MLA citations- class October 27

If you missed class, watch the zoom. You can email me the exit ticket for credit.

Declaration of Independence Rhetorical breakdown- Standard 11

If you missed class Tuesday, October 26 or 27, please watch the video. You can do the exit ticket at the end for credit.

The explanation on how to write the Patrick Henry analysis- Standard English 11

If you have questions about how to write the paper, watch the video.