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Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's webpage!  I currently teach 12th grade English at BHS.  I also am co-sponsor of the BHS Book Club.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

1st English 12 (co-teach with Ms. Lenahan)
2nd English 12 (co-teach with Ms. Lenahan)
3rd English 12
4th Planning
5th English 12 
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7th English 12 Honors

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Disney Figurative Language

Using your earbuds, watch/listen to the video. Write down all of the examples of figurative language. This will be the first item on your next notebook check.

Canterbury Tales Webquest




Visit the sites indicated below (or use Google) and answers the questions.


  1. Life in the Middle Ages:       Explore each of the following sections:

Feudal Life

  1. What was the hierarchy of the feudal system?
  2. Explain the Magna Carta and its purpose.
  3. Describe Peasant Life.
  4. Describe the Role of Women.


  1. Differentiate between bishops and priests.
  2. Describe monks & nuns.


  1. Differentiate between the homes of the poor and the homes of the wealthy.


  1. Differentiate between the clothing of the poor and the clothing of the wealthy.
  2. What piece of jewelry is mentioned from the Canterbury Tales and what is its inscription?


  1. When were antibiotics invented?
  2. Explain a myth about health in the middle ages.
  3. What was a humor in the middle ages?
  4. Explain one way of treating or healing a person.

Town Life

  1. What items did people use for trade?
  2. What would they trade for?
  3. Describe the government of this time.
  4. What were the first companies?


  1. Geoffrey Chaucer:
  2. When and where was Geoffrey Chaucer born?
  3. Describe Chaucer’s upbringing.
  4. List three duties/positions Chaucer held.
  5. When did Chaucer begin writing the Canterbury Tales and when did he stop?


  1. Pilgrimages:
  2. Why did people go on pilgrimages in the medieval times?


  1. The Canterbury Tales:
  2. Where specifically are the pilgrims going?
  3. Explain the concept of a frame tale/story.
  4. How many stories did Chaucer plan to write?
  5. How many stories did Chaucer actually finish?      

Go to "Plot Overview"

  1. What types of people are on this pilgrimage? List 5 specific characters.

Go to "Themes and Motifs"

  1. List and explain 3 themes found in these tales.
  2. Define 2 common motifs of Chaucer's tales.


The General Prologue and the Tales:

  1. Where does everyone meet?
  2. How many pilgrims will be on this trek? (including Chaucer)
  3. How many tales will each person tell?
  4. What is the reward for the best tale?

Outline of Quarter 1

Week 1-Formal Letters/Poetry
Week 2-Elegies/Medieval Ballads
Week 3-Resume writing
Week 4-Beowulf
Week 5-Beowulf
Week 6-King Arthur
Week 7-Introductory Speeches
Week 8-Canterbury Tales
Week 9-Persuasive Writing