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Welcome to Mr. Rivard's Website. This is your one stop shop for all things Biology and APES. We will have notes, reviews, and much, much, more. I am looking forward to the 2017-2018 school year!!! Go Panthers!!! Please check the individual class sites for files that coincide with our daily lessons. Each site has documents on the right hand side that coincide with what we are covering each day in class.

Recent Posts

Week of September 18th (Biology)

Monday:  CFA
Tuesday:  Notes (prokaryote vs. eukaryote)
Wednesday:  Intro to Organelles
Thursday:  Organelle Notes
Friday:  Continue Organelle Notes

Week of September 18th (APES)

Monday:  Finish Biome Projects
Tuesday:  Biome presentation (Planet Earth 2:Islands)
Wednesday:  Chapter 5 Guided Reading
Thursday:  Chapter 5 Lecture
Friday:  Biome/General Ecology Quiz

Week of September 11th Biology

Monday:  Enzyme notes.  Chapter 2 Study Guide
Tuesday:  Review for Test/Practice Test
Wednesday:  Test
Thursday:  Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Week of September 11th APES

Monday:  FRQ practice
Tuesday:  Terrestrial Biome Presentation
Wednesday:  Biome Project
Thursday:  Continue Biome Project
Friday:  No School

Week of September 5th Biology

Monday:  No School
Tuesday:  Quiz/ Finish Organic Molecules Worksheet
Wednesday:  Enzyme Notes/ Webquest
Thursday:  Finish Webquest/ Test Review
Friday:  Practice Test/ Review Games 

Week of September 5th APES

Monday:  No School 
Tuesday:  Quizizz Competition and Review
Wednesday:  Chapter 7 Reading and Presentation
Thursday:  Cycles Quiz/ Types of Faults Foldable
Friday:  Chapter 5 Vocabulary/ Intro

Week of the 28th Biology

Monday:  Chemistry of life introduction
Tuesday:  Continue notes
Wednesday:  Continue notes
Thursday:   Macromolecule:  Foldable
Friday:  Quiz and Webquest