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Functional Skills

Functional Skills
  • provide the students with individualized life skills training
  • develop functional language arts and math skills
  • encourage productive and independent learning through pre-employment, social, functional work and academic activities.
  • students participate in community-based instruction by working with local businesses and organizations
School Based Enterprises
Cookie Business:
  • Our students bake, package, sell, and distribute cookies every Friday. With the help of peer student volunteers, our students learn functional business practices and take responsibility for a variety of tasks. Cookies arrive weekly from our distributer. Our students are responsible for restocking supplies. 
Bartlett Bath Boutique:
                                     Click on the above link.
Reward Trips:
These trips are used to show the students a connection between hard work and getting to do something fun. We are unable to pay the students with a monetary means of compensation for their participation in our school based enterprises. These trips allow us to show the students that when you have a job and earn money you can pay to do things you enjoy. We show and explain to to them how the money earned from their businesses pays for one fun trip each semester.
Main Event
Putt Putt Golf and Games
Independent Living Skills
In our lab based Family Living Center we work on life skills in the form of making the bed, cleaning, cooking , doing laundry (washing, drying, folding, putting away), washing dishes, loading and unloading a dishwasher, and watering the class plants
Food Service
In our lab based kitchen the students prepare meals using visual recipes. By providing a variety of recipes, students learn how to cook individually and how to work in tandem in order to prepare larger, family-style meals.
When the students cook individually they are responsible for gathering all supplies, completing the recipe, and cleaning their work areas.
When the students cook in a group setting they are divided into crews to complete all of the tasks needed to prepare the food.
  • Cooking Crew: The students have to gather cooking supplies and follow the recipe to prepare food for themselves and otherclass members.
  • Table Setting Crew: Just before the cooking crew is finished preparing the food, this crew will gather the supplies needed, set the table, and serve the food to their classmates.
  • Clean-up Crew: The students participating in this crew clear, the table, wash any needed pots and pans, rinse off dishes and silverware, and load the dishwasher.
PAES IS A HANDS-ON ASSESSMENT OF EMPLOYMENT POTENTIAL. It exposes our students to a broad range of hands-on, generalizable work skills.  They are better prepared for community work experiences, future employment and independent life!
Students clock in and go to work exploring nearly 300 jobs in five career areas that are based upon typical skills found at community based job sites.  Students find out what job skills they are good at, and what job skills they like to do.
Pre-Employment Skills
Every Monday, students are tasked with cleaning and organizing the sanctuary at Bartlett United Methodist Church — helping prepare for the next service.
School Based Jobs
The students are assigned a teacher work area within the school to maintain. Their  jobs include:
  • clearing any trash or debris from the area
  • vacuuming the area
  • dusting
  • wiping down tables
The students assist the attendance staff in collecting attendance verification pages from teachers and delivering them to the attendance office.
Community Based Instruction
Through our partnerships with local organizations and businesses, we offer students the unique opportunity to engage with our community. CBI trips focus on specific units of study and allow the students to gain a clearer understanding  of the work covered in the classroom through practical experience.
Monthly Grocery Store Visits 
Each month students are challenged to undertake all of the tasks involved with preparing weekly meals. This includes
  1. creating a shopping list
  2. monthly trips to the grocery store
  3. and the preparation and serving of the food
Buff City Soap: 
As a way to offer a new school based enterprise, Bartlett Bath Boutique, the students went to Buff City Soap in order to gain insight into the process of creating and distributing  sugar scrubs and bath fizzes.
Our Citizenship Unit focused on giving back to the community. Students enjoyed a day outside at the Appling Softball Fields. Through a partnership with he City of Bartlett, the students were able to clean the park and restock concessions. Afterward, students further engaged in their citizenship skills by practicing good sportsmanship during a softball game. They also enjoyed a picnic prepared by students in the lab. 
Nutrition and Restaurant Skills:
With the aid and instruction of the staff at Pop's Comfort Kitchen, students had a single-day restaurant employment experience. Based on the tasks and information covered in the classroom. Under the supervision of Pop's management and staff, students participated in several daily tasks including sanitizing and restocking tables. Students were able to order food and eat at the end of their shift.
The Economics unit provided students with the opportunity to apply their functional math and communication skills outside of the classroom. Using their own money, students were able to go through the entire shopping process (with as little prompting as possible) at Dollar General.
Holidays in Different Cultures:
The students toured the Enchanted Forest which is a display of diversely decorated Christmas trees.  The students also were able to add an experience of accessing their community.
Fun and Leisure:
Though it is often neglected, being able to make time for fun and leisurely activities is critical for a healthy life. Students learned to better understand the role of fun and leisure though their "dinner and movie" experience at Coletta's Italian Restaurant and Malco Movie Theater.
Emergencies and First Responders:
The emergency and first responder unit will provide two learning opportunities. The first will be a visit to the Fire Museum of Memphis where students will learn about first responders and their role during a fire emergency.
The second will be a Cop Stop hosted by the students.The students will be able to further engage citizenship skills by providing lunch to the Bartlett Police Officers.
IEP Objective Based Curriculum 
Language Arts
The development of practical communication and comprehension skills lays the foundation for growth in every aspect of our students' daily lives. By providing personalized instruction focused on vocabulary and reading, students strengthen their ability to engage others through healthy communication. Ultimately, the goal of their growth in communication skills is to encourage independence and garner their success as they transition into the work force.
Functional math classes are designed to encourage students to develop independent and pragmatic math skills. Students are guided through procedural mathematic problems and their real-world applications. Through a combination of individual and group work, students approach basic numerical calculation, measurements, and money management.
Work Based Learning Program
  • Our goal is for each student to receive the Occupational Diploma upon exiting high school.
  • Students receive job Experience in Retail, Custodial, Food Service, and Human Resources.
  • A number of area businesses have become part of our learning community.
  • Students participate in work based learning experiences three to four weekly.
Work Based Learning Sites:
Plato's Closet
  • Pricing merchandise
  • Applying security sensors/EAS system
  • Folding and hanging Merchandise
  • Stocking and Restocking shelves and racks
Mid-South Solutions
  • Scrubbing and Sanitizing restroom facilities
  • Mopping and organizing employee break-room
  • Folding merchandise 
New Hope Church
  • Organizing Classrooms
  • Organizing Sanctuary
  • Emptying garbage receptacles
King's Daughter's & Son's Nursing Home
  • Scrubbing and Sanitizing tables
  • Packaging Silverware for guests
  • Setting tables
  • Folding towels and gowns
  • Crafts with the residents
Bartlett Recreation Center
  • Scrubbing and sanitizing gym equipment 
  • maintaining windows and mirrors
  • greeting guests upon arrival
Pop's Kitchen
  • Scrubbing and Sanitizing tables and chairs
  • Wrapping silverware
  • Prepping food and drinks for store opening
Bartlett High School Cafeteria
  • Stocking Refrigerators, condiments and shelves
  • Folding laundry
  • Pricing merchandise
  • Applying security sensors/EAS system
  • Folding and hanging merchandise
  • Stocking and restocking shelves and racks
Dream Job Week
Students chose a job of their dreams and were given the opportunity to shadow an employee at each location. They were able to tour each workplace and learn about possible job experiences for the future.
Participating Locations
Wolfchase Office Depot: 
Wolfchase Hobby Lobby:
Wolfchase Chik-Fil-A:
Kirby Whitten Kroger:
Camp Bow Wow:
Bartlett McDonald's:
University of Memphis Baseball Equipment Team:
(pictures to come)
TigerLife Visit
Students visit the TigerLife program at the University of Memphis each Spring. This allows the student to explore opportunities in a post-secondary training and job training program. We have had  Bartlett High School alumni complete the TigerLife program and become gainfully employed.
Unified Athletics
Special Olympics Unified Sports® is an inclusive sports program that combines an approximately equal number of Special Olympics athletes (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities) on teams for training and competition. Three models exist within Unified Sports: competitive Unified Sports, Unified Sports Player Development and Unified Sports Recreation. All three models provide different types of experiences in team sports such as basketball, football and volleyball and in other sports such as bocce, golf and tennis. Bartlett High School is very proud to have a team participating in this program.
     Best Buddies Friendship programs represent one of our organization’s four key mission pillars.  These programs build one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), offering social mentoring while improving the quality of life and level of inclusion for a population that is often isolated and excluded. Through their participation, people with IDD form meaningful connections with their peers, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and share interests, experiences and activities that many other individuals enjoy.
      The Best Buddies High School Program at Bartlett High School fosters one-to-one friendships between high school students with and without IDD. In this time of heightened social and emotional development that can be difficult even for teenagers without IDD, the Best Buddies High Schools program helps break through social barriers at an important time in a young person’s life.