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  • 8:51 Gulliver

    Watch the 9 minute video and answer 1-14 on your own paper. 

    Gulliver’s Travels Video Summary

    1. What century was Gulliver’s Travels written?
    2. What does the story satirize?
    3. How many trips does Gulliver take?
    4. What is the name of the island he lands on after being shipwrecked?
    5. How tall are the people who live here?
    6. Why are these little people at war with Blefuscu?
    7. How does Gulliver save the palace and empress?
    8. Where does Gulliver land on his second voyage?
    9. Who finds and owns Gulliver?
    10. Who discusses politics with Gulliver?
    11. How long does Gulliver stay in Brobdingnag?
    12. What is the name of the floating island Gulliver goes to on his 3rd journey?
    13. Who does Gulliver have come back to life first?
    14. Hounymns are what kind of animals?

    Uploaded Dec 03, 2019by Melissa Johnson
  • 14:41 Newton's 2nd Law

    Uploaded Nov 19, 2019by Teri Griffin
  • 9:49 Periodic Trends

    Uploaded Nov 03, 2019by Teri Griffin

    Uploaded Sep 18, 2019by Stephen Sullivan

    Uploaded Sep 11, 2019by Stephen Sullivan
  • 4:56 ¿Puedo ir al baño?

    Uploaded Aug 02, 2019by Jose Arroyo

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