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What an exciting new school year! Mrs. Simmons and I are having a great time learning about our students.
Mrs. Simmons has spent the last 43 years working with high school students in many areas of the curriculum. She looks forward to meeting students and helping them with research, reading, and ACT review. Check out the link for ACT workshops available this year. 
I am a University of Memphis Alum, and I love tiger football, GTG!  I enjoy going to the beach, and in my free time, I love to read books of all genres.  I look forward to working with students to enhance or encourage reading for academic success, or just to escape into a good book.  
Our library has purchased many new books, including eBooks, and we will be teaching students how to access them on their own devices.  We welcome suggestions to add to our collection. 
Contact us:
901-373-2620 Extension 7028