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Sponsors: Mrs. Shephard


Bartlett Ambassadors is an organization that began at Bartlett High School in the fall of 1996. Its purpose is to have hosts and hostesses for school functions and give support to our staff, school, and community. Bartlett Ambassadors are dedicated students who desire to make a worthwhile contribution. Each time they participate in an activity, they will be recognized by their white shirts, red ties, and blue pants or skirts. These fine young men and women are truly an asset to our school, as well as our community. Members are chosen from sophomores and juniors who apply in the spring for the upcoming school year. The sponsors,  Mrs. Shephard, and a committee select members from criteria that includes grades of C’s or higher, conduct grades of E or S with no N’s or U’s, three teacher recommendations, and involvement in other extra-curricular activities. There are no dues for the members, but they do purchase a name tag that costs $4.00.