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Hello.  I am excited as we start the 2017-2018 school year here at Bartlett High School.  If you have me on your schedule you must be enrolled in Standard Biology, Biology B, Environmental Science, or Ecology.  While this is my first year teaching at Bartlett, I have been in public education for the past four years in Memphis.  Prior to teaching public school, I taught Air Force ROTC at the University of Memphis for three years while concluding my 24-year military career. 
This web site will be updated soon.  I know a lot of teachers say that, but I am waiting for the new Learning Management System (LMS) that the wonderful BCS district is investing in to come online.  In the near future, you can expect a link for students to engage with their lessons on line, parents to check status of their children's progress, and a way to communicate with me and each other about our classes.
I will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays before school from 6:40-7:00am for tutoring.  Please, sign up in my room so I know you will be coming and I can prepare for your specific questions or concerns. 

Recent Posts

Biology Webquest for Monday 7 May

All Biology classes, open the pdf, go to the links and answer the questions.  Just list the answers on a separate piece of paper or in a word doc.  You can leave it in my inbox on the desk. 
P.S. do not forget to bring in your items for Tuesday....

EOC study guide answers

To be sure you all are on the right track, find the attached document.  Starting on page 5, is a summary of all the concepts we learned.  Please, review this sheet.  Feel free to make any corrections to your own study guides. 

Wednesday EOC Biology Practice Quiz Instructions

You can take it as is, screen shot your score.  That means leave it with fill in the blank, etc...
Yes, this is a grade, so take it more than once, but each time the questions will change.
Or, you can make it a 25 question multiple choice. 
There are 177 possible terms/definitions so each test will be random and therefore different from each others.
If you run the Quizlet for review that would be very helpful for the EOC too
Oh, if you read this far then you know you can use your EOC study packet to help you on the quizlet....  

Biology - Cell Review Questions Monday 16 April

Answer the questions.  Put the correct Answer and why. 
1. A / Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell or Mitochondria is the location ATP is broken down to release energy.   (See the correct answer is worth some and the reason is worth some.  Also, your answers for "why" will not all be the same)
Answer on your own sheet of paper and put it in my inbox on the desk.