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Hello.  I am excited as we start the 2018-19 school year here at Bartlett High School.  If you have me on your schedule you must be enrolled in Standard Biology, Anatomy & Physiology or STEM I  While this is my second year teaching at Bartlett, I have been in public education for the past six years.  Prior to teaching public school, I taught Air Force ROTC at the University of Memphis for three years while concluding my 24-year military career. 
This website will be updated continuously.  Each class has its own page, see menu links to the left.  Another valuable resource is your Google Classroom.  Class codes are available in your classroom.  Please, do not share these with other students in other classes.  Also, when you register, be sure to use your real first and last name.  If you turn in an assignment as unicornlover123, I will not know who deserves the grade.
I will be available Monday and Friday for tutoring from 2-2:45.  Please, sign up in my room prior so we can avoid any confusion of time and purpose.   We are located at 5688 Woodlawn St, Bartlett, TN 38134.  Tutoring is in my room, NW109, and students should be picked up on Woodlawn in front of North bldg main entrance. 
Feel free to contact me via  I return emails within 24-hours during the week.  If you wish to have a parent/teacher conference independent of scheduled open house times, please, let me know.  
(1 Oct 18 - Remember, we are using Google Classroom now.  If you are a student that still needs access or are a parent and would like to access it to see what your child is doing, contact me for the class code and enrollment instructions)

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Eday 19 October 2018

STEM we have our first field trip date.  Reserve 19 October on your calendars.  We will be going to University of Memphis for the Herf Engineering sponsored Engineering day.  Teams will represent Bartlett against otherschool teams in the West TN STEM Hub area in various engineering related competitions.