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Welcome to Mr. Gast's

Hello.  I am excited as we start the 2021-22 school year here at Bartlett High School.  If you have me on your schedule you must be enrolled in one of the following classes: Environmental Science, Ecology, STEM I, or STEM II.  While this is my fifth year teaching at Bartlett, I have been in public education for the past nine years.  Prior to teaching public school, I taught Air Force ROTC at the University of Memphis for three years as an Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies.  Teaching potential future officers in the military was my final active duty assignment that concluded my 24-year military career.  It is also the experience that brought me back to my desire to work in civilian education.
Course Content
Bartlett is using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).  All courses have their own access via student's Single Log-in through Clever.
Each course has a class section by content and period.  All students must check-in daily to see assignments and course updates.
Courses are broken down by module and each module starts with a Launching Pad page.  This page is a living document that will track our progress toward completing the module.
Feel free to contact me via  I return emails within 24-hours during the week.  If you wish to have a parent/teacher conference independent of scheduled open house times, please, let me know.  
Additional Remarks
My passion is you.  Making a difference in your life for the positive and giving you skills and knowledge to help you survive and succeed in life is the goal. 
Thanks for reading, see you in class.