Bartlett High School

Welcome to Mr. Gast's

Hello.  I am excited as we start the 2020-21 school year here at Bartlett High School.  If you have me on your schedule you must be enrolled in one of the following classes: Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, Ecology, STEM I, or STEM II.  While this is my fourth year teaching at Bartlett, I have been in public education for the past eight years.  Prior to teaching public school, I taught Air Force ROTC at the University of Memphis for three years while concluding my 24-year military career. 
As we started this year with Covid-19 forcing us into various online and hybrid teaching environments, we used Curve through Clever Single log-in as the gateway to all instruction. Links below to Clever and some very useful tutorials.
To assist parents and students in maintaining an edge on what we are doing in our classes; use the Agenda pages to the left.  The course pages reflect the agenda posted in the Curve Course and are updated weekly.
This will show the "Week at a Glance" highlighting the focus and what is due when.
I am keeping this agenda available publically in a centralized location for ease of use.  If there is a discrepancy between the two, refer to the Curve agenda as the most current.  While both will be posted NLT 0700 on the first school day of each week, the Curve agenda will be updated on the fly if we need to adjust or delay deadlines. 
BCS Tutorial Page:
Feel free to contact me via  I return emails within 24-hours during the week.  If you wish to have a parent/teacher conference independent of scheduled open house times, please, let me know.