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Welcome to Algebra II!
Students will spend most of their time in my class working on carefully crafted and sequenced problems. I will help students understand the problems, ask questions to push their thinking, and orchestrate discussions to be sure that the mathematical takeaways are clear. Learners will gain a rich and lasting understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures and experience applying this knowledge to new situations. Students will frequently collaborate with their classmates—they will talk about math, listen to each other’s ideas, justify their thinking, and critique the reasoning of others. They will gain experience communicating their ideas both verbally and in writing, developing skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.
Students need to be able to think flexibly to use mathematical skills in their lives (and on the types of tests they will encounter throughout their schooling). Flexible thinking relies on understanding concepts and making connections between them. Over time, students will gain the skills and the confidence to independently solve problems that they've never seen before.
About me:
This will be my second year teaching Algebra II at Bartlett High School. Previously, I had a decade long career working in I.T. and finally decided to pursue my original goal of becoming a teacher. I have my BSED in Secondary Mathematics Education from the University of Memphis, and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Mathematics at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville.
Mr. Davol
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1st Period Algebra II
2nd Period Algebra II
3rd Period Planning
4th Period Algebra II
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