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Bartlett HS Machine Tool Technology

The Bartlett HS Machine Tool Tech program introduces the student to the world of manual and CNC machining. Our goal is to begin preparing the students for careers in the exciting and profitable machine tool industry. Bartlett HS has partnered with local industry and Tennessee College of Applied Technology to offer unique opportunities to our students.
Rubric and Course Content
Principles of Manufacturing
Semester #1
Overview of the Metal Lathe
Reading the Micrometer
Reading the Caliper
Basic Lathe procedures
OD turning
ID turning
Turning to target specs
OD Threading
ID Threading
Semester #2
Overview of the Mill
Work holding and fixtures
Conventional Milling
Climb Milling
Using the surface plate and height gage
Machining I 
Semester #1
Overview of CNC 
Basic Cartesian Co-ordinances
Simple plots on the X&Y axis
Intro to Writing G Code
Using G Code to plot shapes
Machine set-up and first code in-put
Semester #2
Swinging clockwise arcs
Swinging counter- clockwise arcs
Repeating Programs 
Absolute vs incremental positioning
Machining II
The Students will work independently on various projects.