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Career Planning


Launch My Career TN is a new web-based tool that was created in conjunction with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the TN Department of Labor.


This website assists high school students in finding the right college program, and helps businesses who are seeking to build the best workforce. Tennessee is among the first states in the nation to offer this college selection tool.  



Launch My Career TN offers students real information on the kind of return they might get for their investment in higher education.  Launch My Career TN allows students to select a degree program or institution based on their interests or preferred jobs, and then compare how that degree stacks up against the same degree from other colleges.


Launch My Career TN offers the following information to help prospective students select the best college program aligned with their career and lifestyle goals:

  -  Identifies “hot jobs” that are in demand across Tennessee, and the degree or certificate programs that will prepare students    for these roles.

  -  Compares projected future earnings to the investment required to graduate from a particular school and program.

  -   Analyzes the earnings potential of many career options.

  -  Helps students understand the personal and professional satisfaction that accompanies different careers and courses of study.


Other features of this site include a lifestyle goal calculator, showing the number of years it will take for the salary from a particular occupation to meet a user’s lifestyle goals; and a break-even calculator that demonstrates the numbers of years it will take for the earnings after completing a particular degree program to exceed the total net price of the program.