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My name is Michael Neal, and I am the orchestra director for Bartlett High School, Bartlett Academy, and Bartlett Elementary School. If you have any questions about any information that you find here, please do not hesitate to email me using the button to the right or simply write to:


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Honors Requirements - 4th Quarter

Honors students, please be aware that I have made a slight change (in your favor) to the 4th quarter honors requirements. You will ONLY be responsible for the materials below. I will, of course, accept assignments early.
- 2 octave blues scales (all 12 keys) + 2 octave chromatic starting on lowest string
- Tutoring/Private Lesson Documentation
- 32 measure quartet composition (please start this ASAP, it takes more time than you think to get something with which you're satisfied)
- Concert Critique
If you have not already done so, print your rock music and bring it to class.

2017 Rock Concert

Here is our schedule regarding the rock concerts for this year.
Wednesday, May 17: Rehearsal from 3 - 5 @ Bartlett HS
Thursday, May 18: Rock Concert I @ Ridgeway HS starting at 7 PM
Friday, May 19: Rock Concert II @ Bartlett HS starting at 7 PM
You can get the arrangements for this concert here. Please print your part and have them ready after spring break. Having your music is part of earning your daily grade.
Print parts to these songs:


Don’t Stop Believin’

Live and Let Die

Enter Sandman

Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough


Purple Haze


Shake Your Body

Who Are You


Shining Star

You Are the Only Exception

Eye to Eye

Bittersweet Symphony

Street Corner Symphony

The Way You Make Me Feel

Honors Requirements - 3rd Quarter

Honors students, I have provided a link to a list of the performances at U of M. It should be on the right side of the website. Please plan your performance attendance early. You are strongly encouraged to turn it in BEFORE the last week of the quarter. The last week of third quarter is PACKED.
Start working on your mixolydian modes NOW. It's a major scale with the 7th note lowered by a half step. You should still be practicing your major and melodic minor scales. They make excellent warm ups.
You will have to transcribe a 4 part hymn for string quartet this quarter. We will cover how to read each clef in class. If you would like to choose your own hymn, you may do so as long as you bring a hard copy to class.
Please plan your tutoring/private lesson time in advance of the end of the quarter. Making your plans for this within the next week or two would be a good idea.
As I alluded to earlier in this post, the last week of the quarter is packed. We have the chamber music concert that Tuesday and concert festival that Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Learn your music ASAP so that you don't have to panic near the end. I will get the rest of your music to you after I order the new pieces this week.

Fall Concert 12/6

Great job at last night's concert! I'm very proud of all of you. Honors, we're going to keep one of those pieces and take it to concert festival.

All West Auditions

If you're planning to participate in the All West auditions in November, I need $10 by October 3.

9 - 10 All West Prep UPDATE!

The location for the 9 - 10 All West prep has been moved from Kate Bond to Bolton HS from 2 to 4. Please try to be there since we have guests who are coming to instruct the violins and cellos. Don't forget to sign in and you'll receive 2 hours of your tutoring/lesson requirement!
2 - 4
Take 2nd drive and drop off/park near the North building.

All West Help Reminder!

9 - 10 students should report this Saturday (9/17) to Kate Bond from 1 - 3. We should have a guest cellist to work with students. Please please please come and get a leg up on your auditions.
11 - 12 students should report next Saturday (9/24) to Kate Bond from 1 - 3. We should have the same guest cellist this day. Please please please come and get a leg up on your auditions.

Honors Tutoring Time

Honors students, you are supposed to have 4 hours of private lessons or tutoring PER QUARTER. You can get two of these this weekend by assisting with the middle school All West help session. There will be a second session in November.

Free All West Help!

There will be free All West help available to students auditioning for the 9-10 and 11-12 orchestras. There will be other teachers and/or university students to assist with the event. The dates, times, and locations are below.
Sept 17
Kate Bond
1 - 3
Sept 24
Kate Bond
1 - 3

After School Rehearsals

After school rehearsals begin on September 8. These rehearsals go from 2 - 4 every Thursday (except during breaks, of course). Attendance at these rehearsals constitutes 300 points of the corresponding concert grade.

All West Excerpts

I have put a page up for the All West excerpts. Make sure you click the link for the correct grade level group (9 - 10 or 11 - 12). At this time, I'm still waiting on receiving the cello music.


Please make sure that you have your textbook with you. We will spend a large portion of our immediate future doing skill building and scales.
Unless you're 7th period, then we're doing tone production, rhythm, and notation reading. Still need your books for this, though.