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¡Bienvenidos a la pagina del Señor Arroyo!

The class will consist of higher-level listening, reading, speaking, and writing exercises as well as dealing with advanced grammatical structures and high-level vocabulary lists. Students are strongly encouraged to speak Spanish in the classroom as much as possible when dealing with each other or with me. Students need to be aware that reasonable out-of-class time will have to be devoted to this subject in order to be successful in this class.   



Please remember that to be successful in Spanish II, you must focus not only on the grades you would like to earn, but also on other factors such as attitude and willingness to participate. This is not an elective class; I expect you to present yourself as pleasant, eager to learn, to participate in class activities, and to work well with others.  I expect everyone to listen when I am speaking, to follow directions, to complete all homework and class assignments, and study for tests and quizzes. I also expect you to listen when I am speaking with others during class. In this class there will be a lot of verbal practice, between pairs or groups of students and between the teacher and a student.  During these exercises, I expect you to remain on task and try to improve your skills as much as possible. By doing these things, you will succeed in this class.  I expect you to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, and I expect you to do what it takes to LEARN.


Class Materials 

All students will be expected to have, notebook, paper, and pens/pencils every day. For this class, you will need a 3-ring binder, whether soft cover or hard (it is fine with me if this is a shared notebook with another class; just keep it organized).  You should have dividers for the following:

1) Vocabulary  (for lists and practice exercises);

2)  Grammar (for notes & worksheets handed out); 

3) Writing (for journals & other writing assignments); and  

4) Listening (for listening sheets & any Avanzemos sheets given).



Grading scale:   A= 93-100 / B = 85-92/ C = 75-84 / D = 70- 74 / F = 69

Grading is on a total points system.  Major tests are worth 100 pt; quizzes can be anywhere from 10 pts. to 80 pts.  Homework can be 10 to 20 pts, with points deducted for inferior quality work or for lateness. Work at home is an important part of mastering a language, so please take homework assignments seriously and turn them in completed and on time. It is very important that you always know your grade, so please user your information and check PowerSchool frequently.


Make Up Procedures/Late Work

It is the student's responsibility to inquire after and make up all missing assignments. You should always check with me any time you are absent to see what assignment, quiz, or test you may have missed and to schedule a time to make it up.  If you are present on the day of a test that was announced on a day you were present, you must take the test, no matter if you missed the day before. 


 Discipline Plan

Treat everyone like you want to be treated. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, whether toward the teacher or toward your classmates.



Follow all Bartlett High School rules!  (no hats, radios, CD’s, gum, cards, etc.)

1. Follow directions.

2. No profanity, teasing, or bullying of others will be tolerated.

3. No talking when the teacher is talking.

4. Be on time and prepared for class with notebook, textbook, paper, and

        pencil/pen (black or blue ink only).                                          

  • 5. Stay in your assigned seat during class.
  • 6.Phones should be out of sight and silenced in class unless I direct otherwise. Absolutely no texting in class.


My goal with this class is to make it as enjoyable as possible.  Learning a foreign language is an exciting and fun prospect, as is learning about other cultures and peoples. I hope to prepare you to use your language in real-life situations and perhaps even to encourage you to consider international travel as an additional way to extend your knowledge of this language.

I am looking forward to the year with you; I hope you are excited about this class as well!


Senor Arroyo