Kirie Walz » Welcome!


Mrs. Walz's Schedule
I split time between the Ninth Grade Academy and the main campus.  My schedule is listed below should you need it.
Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy
1st Period - Intro to Theatre Standard
2nd Period - Intro to Theatre Honors
Bartlett High School
5th Period - Production Workshop Honors
6th Period - Acting Honors
7th Period - Acting Honors
Remind Codes
I will use the Remind app to communicate throughout the year. If you would like to receive remind messages for class, please text the following codes to 81010.
Intro 1st: @intro1
Intro Honors 2nd: @walz2nd
Production Workshop Honors: @prodws
Acting Honors 6th: @actingh6
Acting Honors 7th: @actingh7



Technology Information
This year, school email use will be mandatory for students- This year, more than ever before, email will be an essential part of our students' daily routine. Students must check school email each day and respond to emails when appropriate. If any student needs to reset your school email (username and/or password) there is a link in the BCS App Store. 
This year, use of Canvas will be mandatory - This year, all students in all grades will use the BCS learning management system called "Canvas". To access Canvas, students will log into the learning management system called "Clever", then click the icon for "Canvas", and will automatically be logged in. Students should see each of their classes listed in Canvas.