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Welcome to Coach Steinbrecher's Website!

I look forward to continuing my pursuit of life-long learning with you all!

I currently teach three Intro to Communication classes, one Film II class, and one Film III class.

In addition, I serve as an Athletic Director for Bartlett High School along with Coach Joey Nesbit.



Jorge Pt. 2

I almost didn't post I could be with you when you watch the exciting conclusion to Jorge Pt.1...but that would be cruel and George would not like this. Best part of Pt. 2 is when George adopts a monkey and the monkey helps him win Alicia's heart! Okay, so there's no monkey, but if George DID adopt a monkey that would make this a five-star film! So enjoy this 4.95 stars film...with no monkey...

Jorge Pt.1

Meet George...better known or soon-to-be known as Jorge! Part I is almost painful to watch because you want to help George with...well, everything. Enjoy the film's style, its phenomenal characters, and its sudden parodies of Latin America telenovelas--similar to soap operas in plot development, but they have a larger audience and air during prime time. They are characterized by a continuing melodramatic storyline and a permanent cast.

Pigeon: Impossible

Here it is, folks! As you watch this, keep in mind that this was pulled off pretty much by one guy! And what film did this inspire? Don't ask me! You look it up! "And what is this guy doing now," I hear you ask...well, I'm glad you asked. You should look him fact, yes, please look him up and answer the questions on Canvas. After you watch this, of course.

4th Newscast

Another rockstar student! This student involved her siblings during the lockdown--you might even recognize someone you know as her guest-star! Enjoy! I definitely did!

1st Newscast

This is a group project approach--quirky humor...some of you will like this...some won't. Either way, please pay attention to the structure of their newscast: Title screen, transition screens, commercials between segments. Is it perfect?!? No way! But hey, they filmed during the renovation!

2nd Newscast

This one has it all--starting with a commercial (a "video" that re-used the same audio from this group's radio commercial--brilliant and time-saving!) and including fast-paced segments including REAL footage from the renovation...the background of the front of the Main Building will cause your jaws to drop and you might even say, "No way!" and stuff like that. Overall a solid newscast...perfect? Pretty darn close...

3rd Newscast

Rockstar student who took this class during the pandemic...I NEVER met her in-person! Yet she did an outstanding job on this newscast and had fun doing it--playing ALL the roles! Enjoy this one-student show!

Jorge Pt. 2--school-version

The concluding chapter of George's story. Has he learned Spanish well enough to speak it? Will he speak it to the woman he loves? Will it matter? ¿Por qué hago tantas preguntas?

Jorge Pt. 1--school-version

Meet George, the shyest guy you'll ever encounter. Follow him to work, home, and all about the town. And discover why George will soon answer to "Jorge."

Film II--Safety Last with Harold Lloyd

Check out this outstanding comedy film (which happens to be silent) starring Harold Lloyd. He might even give you a few ideas for your Short Silent Comedy clip assignment.

Tour BHS May 2018

This is a quick slide-show tour of our campus before the renovation project began. If you have seen the campus lately, prepare yourself to be amazed.

Student Commercial Example #5

Watch out, Geico--and all other 15 sec, quick-hitting, witty radio comes, Bike-O. You may have to listen to this one two or three times.

Student Commercial Example #4

Zap-Me-Up! Have trouble waking up for school? Well, no more with this revolutionary (and scary) new product. 31 secs