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I currently teach three Intro to Communication classes, one Film II class, and one Film III class.

In addition, I serve as an Athletic Director for Bartlett High School along with Coach Joey Nesbit.

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Recent Posts

How to Shoot a No-Budget Film

D4Darious has produced a very helpful and practical (and fun), 17+ min tutorial on how to shoot a quality short film with little to no budget. Let me know what your 5 favorite take-aways are after viewing this. Write them down and turn them in or email them to me.

Student Commercial Example #5

Watch out, Geico--and all other 15 sec, quick-hitting, witty radio comes, Bike-O. You may have to listen to this one two or three times.

Student Commercial Example #4

Zap-Me-Up! Have trouble waking up for school? Well, no more with this revolutionary (and scary) new product. 31 secs

Student Commercial Example #3

Heartbreaker Industries--yes, this is the one I played in class. Dark humor, I realize, may not be your thing, but these students had perfect pacing and the perfect background song for this oh-so wonderful subject of the break-up. 45 secs.

Student Commercial Example #2

This student radio commercial spoofs the "As-Seen-On-TV" type of products. Students pull it off with over-the-top voices & quick pacing. Pay attention to the sound effects used, too. 61 secs

Student Commercial Example #1

This is a 60 sec radio commercial (no video) for a fictitious video game. Very creative concept, multiple voices used. Student Group of 2 people

Fall Semester Exam Film III: TEDx Talk & Short Film Bumblebees

This is a TEDx Talk along with her short film presented by Jenna Kanell, a filmmaker who discusses her brother Vance and her short film Bumblebees. The film is shown towards the end of her TEDx talk. Watch her presentation, the film, and complete the associated five discussion questions for the Final Exam.

2017 Fall Semester Exam Intro to Communications--Video of Malcolm London's "High School Training

This is the video of Malcolm London performing his poem "High School Training Ground". For the Final Exam, we will watch this in class two times and then students will write their opinions of the piece and the performer with questions to guide them (see the "File" section for the questions).