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Welcome to my Webpage. I teach AP Human Geography and US History/Geography. In both courses we will be exploring how we have helped shape the world as well as how it has shaped us. I am also the assistant Wrestling Coach. For Wrestling information click on the Panther Wrestling Tab or email me at
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Unit 4 Vocab: WWII

Unit 4: WWII (Ch. 16-17)

  • Joseph Stalin •totalitarian •Benito Mussolini •fascism •Adolf Hitler •Nazism •Neutrality Acts•Neville Chamberlain •Winston Churchill •appeasement •nonaggression pact •blitzkrieg •Holocaust •genocide •ghetto •concentration camp•Axis powers •Lend-Lease Act •Atlantic Charter •Allies •Hideki Tojo

  • George Marshall •Women’s Auxiliary Army Corp (WAAC) •A. Philip Randolph •Manhattan Project •Office of Price Administration (OPA) •War Production Board (WPB) •rationing•Dwight D. Eisenhower •D-Day  •Battle of the Bulge •V-E Day •Harry S. Truman •Douglas MacArthur •Battle of Midway •kamikaze •J. Robert Oppenheimer•Hiroshima •Nagasaki •Nuremberg trials •GI Bill of Rights •James Farmer •Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) •internment •Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)

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AP Human Geography: 4th

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Unit 8 Vocabulary: Rise of Conservatism (Ch.24-25)


  • Richard M. Nixon •New Federalism •Family Assistance Plan •Southern strategy •stagflation •OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) •détente •SALT I Treaty•impeachment •Watergate •Committee to Reelect the President •Saturday Night Massacre• Gerald R. Ford •Jimmy Carter •National Energy Act •Camp David Accords •Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini •Rachel Carson •Earth Day •Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) •Three Mile Island
  • entitlement program •New Right •affirmative action •reverse discrimination •conservative coalition •Moral Majority •Ronald Reagan •Reaganomics-supply-side economics •Strategic Defense Initiative •Sandra Day O’Connor •deregulation •George Bush•AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) •pay equity •L. Douglas Wilder •Mikhail Gorbachev •glasnost •perestroika •Tiananmen Square •Sandinistas •Contras •Operation Desert Storm

Unit 7 Vocabulary: Vietnam Ch.22



  • Ho Chi Minh •Vietminh •domino theory •Geneva Accords •Ngo Dinh Diem •Vietcong •Ho Chi Minh Trail •Tonkin Gulf Resolution •William Westmoreland •Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) •napalm •Agent Orange •search-and destroy mission•New Left •Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) •Tet offensive  •Robert Kennedy •George Wallace •Richard Nixon •Henry Kissinger •Vietnamization •silent majority •My Lai •Kent State University •Pentagon Papers •War Powers Act

Unit 6: New Frontier, Great Society, and Civil Rights Ch.20, 21, 23


  • John F. Kennedy •flexible response •Fidel Castro •Berlin Wall •Limited Test Ban Treaty•New Frontier •Peace Corps •Alliance for Progress •Warren Commission•Lyndon Baines Johnson •Economic Opportunity Act •Great Society •Medicare and Medicaid •Immigration Act of 1965 •Warren Court •reapportionment •gerrymandering
  • Thurgood Marshall •Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka •Rosa Parks •Martin Luther King, Jr. •Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) •Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) •sit-in•freedom riders •Civil Rights Act of 1964 •Freedom Summer •Fannie Lou Hamer •Voting Rights Act of 1965•de facto segregation •de jure segregation •Malcolm X •Nation of Islam •Stokely Carmichael •Black Power •Black Panthers •Kerner Commission •Civil Rights Act of 1968 •affirmative action
  • César Chávez •United Farm Workers Organizing Committee•American Indian Movement (AIM)  •feminism •National Organization for Women (NOW) •Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) •Phyllis Schlafly•counterculture •Haight-Ashbury

Unit 5: Cold War-Post War Boom (Ch. 18-19)

  • United Nations (UN) •satellite nation •containment •iron curtain •Cold War •Truman Doctrine •Marshall Plan •Berlin airlift •North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)•Chiang Kai-shek •Mao Zedong •Taiwan •38th parallel •Korean War•HUAC •Hollywood Ten •blacklist •Alger Hiss •Ethel and Julius Rosenberg •McCarthyism •H-bomb •Dwight D. Eisenhower •John Foster Dulles •brinkmanship •Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) •Warsaw Pact •Eisenhower Doctrine •Nikita Khrushchev •U-2 incident
  • GI Bill of Rights •Harry S. Truman •Dixiecrat •Fair Deal•conglomerate •franchise •baby boom •Dr. Jonas Salk •consumerism •planned obsolescence •Federal Communications Commission (FCC) •beat movement •rock ‘n’ roll •jazz•urban renewal •bracero •termination policy

Unit 3 Vocab: Ch12-Ch15

Unit 3: Roaring 20’s and the Great Depression (Ch.12-15)

•nativism •isolationism •Communism •anarchists •Sacco and Vanzetti •quota system •John L. Lewis•Warren G. Harding •Fordney-McCumber Tariff •Ohio gang •Teapot Dome scandal •Albert B. Fall•Calvin Coolidge •urban sprawl •installment plan (15)

•Prohibition •speakeasy •bootlegger •fundamentalism •Clarence Darrow•William Jennings Bryan •Scopes trial •flapper •double standard •Charles A. Lindbergh •Sinclair Lewis •F. Scott Fitzgerald •Ernest Hemingway •James Weldon Johnson •Marcus Garvey •Harlem Renaissance •Langston Hughes •Louis Armstrong •Duke Ellington (19)

•price support •credit •Dow Jones Industrial Average •speculation •buying on margin •Black Tuesday •Great Depression •Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act•shantytown •soup kitchen •bread line •Dust Bowl •direct relief •Herbert Hoover •Federal Home Loan Bank Act •Reconstruction Finance Corporation •Bonus Army (17)

•Franklin Delano Roosevelt •New Deal •Federal Securities Act •Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) •Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) •National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) •deficit spending •Huey Long •Eleanor Roosevelt •Works Progress Administration (WPA) •National Youth Administration •Wagner Act •Social Security Act •Frances Perkins •Orson Welles •Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) •Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) •National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) •parity •Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) (20)