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Welcome to my Webpage. I teach AP Human Geography and US History/Geography. In both courses we will be exploring how we have helped shape the world as well as how it has shaped us. I am also the assistant Wrestling Coach. For Wrestling information click on the Panther Wrestling Tab or email me at
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U.S. State Standards-See Attachment to the Right, U.S. EOC Writing Rubric , U.S. EOC Blueprint
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AP Human Geo and Honors U.S. Agendas

All agendas will be posted on the calendar feature of Canvas from this point on. To access it, go to, then click on the Canvas icon, then the Calendar feature. Your log in to Clever is your student ID number.

Agenda 8/19 Honors U.S. History

1.BR: Get out homework and talk about how it applies to writing in history with your group

-Turn in
2. Finish RAFTs (if already finished, work on the homework)

5.Reconstruction RAFT: Take the role of a freedman during post-Reconstruction who is writing to a relative in the North. Describe your opinion on (or experience with) the Jim Crow Laws, the increase in lynchings, and Pap Singleton/the Exodusters after the Hayes-Tilden Compromise (4-6 sentences). Use detail and be specific!   # Catch Up Unit

-Read the following articles for background knowledge (use info from them in your response)




3.Start Industrial Age Notes

-Go through slide #5 (time zones)

HW: Read 3.4

AP HUG Agenda 8/18

1.Br: Get out Imperialism Notes

2. Take 'em

3. Key Issue Packet

-How it works

-Ch.1 K.I.P. due Tuesday August 31st

4. Continue Notes if time or go over Summer Assignment Quiz

ANNOUNCEMENT: Office Hours on Friday from 2:05pm-3:05pm in the library every week until further notice

AP Agenda 8/16

1.Br:Turn to your group and share 3 things about yourself.  Then get out imperialism assignment from

 last week (where you talked about the "Story of One" TED talk), and compare your response with your group.

2. Finish How to write an FRQ notes

3.Story of one

-Whole class Discussion

4.  Imperialism Notes 

5. Bring your flashcards to class tomorrow. You will work on vocab while I issue the textbooks. 

Also, don't forget the Summer Assignment quiz;). ADDITION: Add the term "Cultural Landscape to the list).

Honors U.S. Agenda 8/17

1. BR: Get out evidence for debate and review/share findings with group

2. Constitution debate (test/project grade 15 points: 1 point for each reason-2 each for evidence to support it-1 each for citing a proper source, 3 points for stating the argument clearly)

3. Reflection: Name an amendment other than your own that you believe was supported by strong evidence. What made that evidence so strong?

4. Turn in Evidence to the bin

5. If extra time, move onto tomorrow.

HW: Read 2.1 from the online textbook

AP HUG Agenda 8/17

1.BR: Get out sheet of paper and label it 

Summer Assignment Quiz

2.Summer Assignment Quiz

3. Go over if time

4. Work on vocab while we issue textbooks.

-Vitally important to do 5-4-3 from this point moving forward. AP 5-4-3 to Win plan (Read 5 pages of textbook a night, define 4 vocab terms w/ examples, and review 3 concepts EACH DAY minimum) 

5. Finish Imp. Notes?


Honors U.S. Agenda 8/16

1.Br: Get out sheet of paper and label it U.S. Map Quiz

2. U.S. Map quiz (all states must be spelled out, use only the front side of your paper, 

make second column when you get to the bottom,  do not skip lines).

3. Go over your research for the debate (or any last minute research)

-Last minute reminders: cannot use first 10 Amend, research has to on paper, 

highly recommend to use the format I texted out, need to explain HOW the change impacted the


4. Read each of the following selections with a focus on the Homestead Act, Transcontinental Railroad, 

Dawes Act, Indian Wars, and Assimilation (whatever you don't finish is homework)


5. Troubleshoot anyone having Savvas problems with the textbook


HW: Read 1.2 from the online textbook

AP HUG Agenda 8/13

1. BR: Study for L.A. Quiz

-L.A. Quiz (8 minutes)


Discuss the 3 countries you looked up and how they were 

affected by Imperialism with your group (take turns) 

2.How to write an FRQ Notes


Agenda 8/13 Honors U.S.

1. BR: Get out evidence for debate and review/share findings with group (5 minutes)

2. Rapid Fire Mock Debate. Go over Constitution debate if needed (10-15 minutes)

3. DBQ Activity: Over the next two weeks you will find AT LEAST 6 primary documents/exerts 

similar to the ones attached to show continuity and change during the Gilded Age. If you are unfamiliar with primary documents see this link For each document you will explain how shows either continuity or change.


Honors U.S. Agenda 8/10 (Const. Debate Intro)

1. BR: Sit in the desk that has your scantron in it (it has your name on it). 

Then, go to Clever to access Canvas. See if you can find the class and calendar for the course.

Add yourself to remind as well if you have not already

2. Pre-Test

3. Continue to work on map (if not finished)

4. Introduce Constitution Debate Topic: Which amendment caused the most change?  

You should devise 3 points/reasons to back up your argument 

(answer to the topic question) with evidence (statistics, quotes, etc., etc.)

 to back up each point, as well as list any sources you used for your research

-cannot use the Bill of Rights

-Must submit on notebook paper, see Remind for picture of a general format to follow







How do you research a topic? Where do you look first?

How do you know a source is credible and unbiased? Discuss with your group.

-Good Sources in general:

-Look around for the key words to Research. One of the best strategies is to look at a secondary source first for background knowledge and then use that background knowledge to analyze/identify a strong primary source to be used for evidence.

-Primary vs Secondary Sources


5.How to Debate Notes (Debate on Monday)

Honors U.S. Agenda 8/12

1. BR: On to the Civil War...go to on your device


2.Label next section of the Catch up Unit: Civil War and Reconstruction

-Crash Course Civil War


-Record the most important aspects and be ready to

 justify why you believe they are important aspects of the Civil War (5)

3. Finish HTD Notes and introduce Mock Debate (What was the best cartoon of your generation?) 

4. How to access online textbook: Go to my teacher web page and then click on the Online Textbook tab on the right. The instructions and supplementary info is there


5.HW: Read 3.1 of the textbook. See my website for link. Bookmark it if you have not already. Look up evidence for mock rapid fire debate.