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Welcome to my Webpage. I teach AP Human Geography and US History/Geography. In both courses we will be exploring how we have helped shape the world as well as how it has shaped us. I am also the assistant Wrestling Coach. For Wrestling information click on the Panther Wrestling Tab or email me at
AP Summer Assignment: Attached on the right side of the page under my picture
U.S. State Standards-See Attachment to the Right, U.S. EOC Writing Rubric , U.S. EOC Blueprint
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Monday 8/17: AP Human Geography


1. BR: On notecard, fill out Your Name and something interesting about yourself or something you like to do for fun. On the back of the card, Describe the spatial layout of the classroom (it's okay if you don't know what that is, just answer it to the best of your ability)

2. Spatial layout 

3. How to navigate this year

-Clever, Curve (always use text response unless otherwise stated), attendance, Syllabus, Lizardpoint, AP Classroom

-Go to Basic student info and complete


4.HW: Look up and record the 7 Units of AP Human Geography with a basic description of each

Monday 8/17: U.S. Honors

So apparently Curve is not working. Our IT dep is working on it. If you email me I will make sure to mark you present.

Agenda Day 1 U.S. History Honors:

1. BR: On notecard, fill out Your Name and something interesting about yourself or something you like to do for fun. 

2. How to navigate this year

-Clever, Curve (always use text response unless otherwise stated), attendance, Syllabus

-Go to Basic student info and complete

3. Preview of first Unit/DBQ Papers



4.HW: Look up the U.S. Standards on my teacher website to familiarize yourself with them (part of this task is learning how to find them on my teacher page) and the Indian Boarding School Assignment on Curve

School Year 2020

Hello! It is going to be an interesting year to say the least! For information on how to navigate this year, go to the bottom tab on the right for information pertaining to Virtual and Hybrid students. 

Agenda 6/24

1. BR: Get out #roc and add the following section and questions to it. ‌ CC: Ronald Reagan ‌ -TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS/supply side economics- What is it? ‌ -How did he contribute to the fall of the Soviet Union? ‌ -How was Reagan's second term different than the first? ‌ ‌ -Go over ‌

2.Reagan Notes ‌

3. Label next section President Reagan ‌ 1. Name 4 parts of Reagan's "Message" ‌ ‌ 2. Who tried to assassinate Reagan in 1980? ‌ ‌ 3. Explain how Reaganomics works ‌ ‌ 4. Explain the Iran-Contra Affair and how it was a scandal ‌

‌ 4. Recap Carter and Reagan ‌ 5.War on Drugs ‌ - ‌ -Do you believe Nancy Reagan makes a good argument? Why or why not? What evidence does she use? ‌ HW: Make sure vocab is finished and with you tomorrow

Agenda 8/12:

1. BR:Get out sheet of paper and write 1 paragraph about yourself entitled "Who am I?" 

-If you need paper, there is copy paper on the front table

(can include, but not limited to: your favorite pastime, family, 

favorite subject, basically what you care about and what you spend time on)

2.Hand out and go over syllabus 

-Supplies, Phones, what other teachers do-I don't care

3.Get Notecard and record the following info (hold the card vertically):

-Full Name

-Parents names and phone number

-School Involvement or hobbies outside of school

-Grade you expect to get in this class

-Do you have internet access at home?

4.Preview of first Unit/DBQ Papers


5. Map of the United States-Label each state as well as the following major cities:

Boston • Pittsburgh • Chicago • San Francisco • New York City (quiz over it on Tuesday of next week)

Unit 4 Vocab: WWII

Unit 4: WWII (Ch. 16-17)

  • Joseph Stalin •totalitarian •Benito Mussolini •fascism •Adolf Hitler •Nazism •Neutrality Acts•Neville Chamberlain •Winston Churchill •appeasement •nonaggression pact •blitzkrieg •Holocaust •genocide •ghetto •concentration camp•Axis powers •Lend-Lease Act •Atlantic Charter •Allies •Hideki Tojo

  • George Marshall •Women’s Auxiliary Army Corp (WAAC) •A. Philip Randolph •Manhattan Project •Office of Price Administration (OPA) •War Production Board (WPB) •rationing•Dwight D. Eisenhower •D-Day  •Battle of the Bulge •V-E Day •Harry S. Truman •Douglas MacArthur •Battle of Midway •kamikaze •J. Robert Oppenheimer•Hiroshima •Nagasaki •Nuremberg trials •GI Bill of Rights •James Farmer •Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) •internment •Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)

Welcome to my website! Here is some basic info.

Class Schedule:

U.S. History: 1st, 6th 

Honors U.S.: 2nd, 3rd, 7th

AP Human Geography: 4th

My grading policy:

-You can see it by class by clicking on the class syllabus for each particular course. The AP HUG syllabus is on the AP HUG website link to the right


My Email:

Unit 8 Vocabulary: Rise of Conservatism (Ch.24-25)


  • Richard M. Nixon •New Federalism •Family Assistance Plan •Southern strategy •stagflation •OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) •détente •SALT I Treaty•impeachment •Watergate •Committee to Reelect the President •Saturday Night Massacre• Gerald R. Ford •Jimmy Carter •National Energy Act •Camp David Accords •Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini •Rachel Carson •Earth Day •Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) •Three Mile Island
  • entitlement program •New Right •affirmative action •reverse discrimination •conservative coalition •Moral Majority •Ronald Reagan •Reaganomics-supply-side economics •Strategic Defense Initiative •Sandra Day O’Connor •deregulation •George Bush•AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) •pay equity •L. Douglas Wilder •Mikhail Gorbachev •glasnost •perestroika •Tiananmen Square •Sandinistas •Contras •Operation Desert Storm

Unit 7 Vocabulary: Vietnam Ch.22



  • Ho Chi Minh •Vietminh •domino theory •Geneva Accords •Ngo Dinh Diem •Vietcong •Ho Chi Minh Trail •Tonkin Gulf Resolution •William Westmoreland •Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) •napalm •Agent Orange •search-and destroy mission•New Left •Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) •Tet offensive  •Robert Kennedy •George Wallace •Richard Nixon •Henry Kissinger •Vietnamization •silent majority •My Lai •Kent State University •Pentagon Papers •War Powers Act