Bartlett High School


Welcome to 10th Grade English

Tenth grade is an important and exciting year!  We will be reading a variety of literature, learning new vocabulary, brushing up on writing skills, and preparing for the writing assessment and TNReady test this spring.  We will be embarking on an exciting adventure, and I'm glad to have your child in my class this year! 

During the 1st Quarter we will be reading Elie Weisel's account of his experiences as a Holocaust survivor in Night

During the 2nd Quarter we will be studying rhetoric and how it is used in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.  (My personal favorite!)

During the 3rd Quarter we will be reading and discussing various short stories, and completing a research project.

During the 4th Quarter we will be reading and discussing the play Twelve Angry Men.

Feel free to check my weekly "posts"  for an overview of what we will be doing each week.  Weekly Agendas will also be posted in Clever.





Week of Feb. 3 - 7

Monday, Feb. 3 - Students will complete Voc. 19-2.  Vocabulary 19 words:  mettle,  mien,  militant,  momentum,  mortify,  mosque,  mull,  mutable,  mystic,  naive.  Students will work on completing notes, study guide and
T-chart for "Life is Sweet in Kumansenu" and turn in.  Students will also complete a quiz over the story.  Students must have fully charged computers in class Tuesday in order to complete a CFA.
Tuesday, Feb. 4 - Students will go over Voc. 19-2.  Students can make flash-cards for extra credit due Thursday.  Students will complete CFA on their computers.  The grade on the CFA will count as another grade replacement opportunity.
Wednesday, Feb. 5 - Students will complete G.W.U. 19-1 and Voc. 19-3.  Students will begin reading and annotating "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl..
Thursday, Feb. 6 -  Extra credit flashcards will be checked.  Students will complete G.W.U. 19-2 and Voc. 19-3.  Students will finish reading "Lamb to the Slaughter" and take a quiz over the story.
Friday, Feb. 7 - Students will complete Voc. 19 Quiz.  Students will watch the video of "Lamb to the Slaughter" comparing it to the short story.

Week of Jan. 27 - 31

Monday, Jan. 27 - Students will complete Voc. 18-2: mandatory, mannerism, martial, meager, mediocre, melancholy, melodramatic, mentor, merge, meticulous.  Students will finish reading "The Cold Equations". Students will complete a "Choose 3" assignment to culminate the reading of "The Cold Equations".  "Choose 3" assignment due Wednesday, Jan. 29.  Students will be assigned a short story on CommonLit.  Assignment is due Friday, Jan. 3.  Students will receive Progress Reports today. They need to be signed by parents and returned by Friday for a 10 point bonus coupon.
Tuesday, Jan. 28 - Students will review Voc. 18-2.  All students who did not turn in Voc. 16 Word Expert cards will have to make Voc. 18 Word Expert Cards this week.  Only students who turned in Voc. 16 Word Expert Cards will be allowed to make Voc. 18 Flash Cards for Extra Credit this week.  Students will complete pre-reading assignment on  "Life Is Sweet in Kumansenu"  (the story is on Curve/Clever) in class.   Choose 3 Assignment due tomorrow.
Wednesday, Jan. 29 - Students will turn in Choose 3 Assignment.  Students will complete G.W.U. 18-1 and Voc. 18-3.  Students will finish pre-reading assignment on "Life Is Sweet in Kumansenu".  Voc. 18 Word Expert Cards are due tomorrow for those who did not do Voc. 16 Word Expert Cards. Voc. 18 extra credit Flash Cards are due tomorrow for those who do not have to do the Word Expert Cards.
Thursday, Jan. 30 - Word Expert Cards or Flash Cards will be checked. Students will complete G.W.U. 18-2 and Voc. 18-4.  Students will begin reading "There Will Come Soft Rains" and answer the study guide.  CommonLit assignment due tomorrow.   Voc. 18 quiz tomorrow
Friday, Jan. 31 - Student will complete Voc. 18 quiz.  CommonLit assignment due by the end of the day.  Progress Reports due today.  Students will finish reading "Life Is Sweet in Kumanseau".  Quiz over the story.

Week of Jan. 20 - 24

Monday, Jan. 20 - No school today.
Tuesday, Jan. 21 - Because of Monday's holiday and testing on Wednesday, there will be no new vocabulary words this week.  Students will complete a pre-reading assignment on "The Cold Equations".  Students will begin reading "The Cold Equations", annotating the text as they read. Students are given the opportunity to "recover" their essay grade by doing one of the following:  Rewrite and make the corrections that are on the final draft and turn it back in with the original essay and the rubric (the grade will be the original grade averaged with the corrected grade).  or  -  if no essay was turned in originally, turn in essay with a full rough draft in pencil  (the highest grade that can be made will now be an 80).  Essays for grade recovery are due Friday, Jan. 24.
Wednesday, Jan 22 - All 10th grade students will take a Practice Math Test on their computers.  Have fully charged computers in class.
Thursday, Jan. 23 - Students will continue reading "The Cold Equations" and annotating the text.
Friday, Jan. 24 - Students will finish reading "The Cold Equations" and annotating the text.  Essays for grade recovery are due today.

Week of Jan. 13 - 17

Monday, Jan. 13 - Voc. 17 words:  juncture, lament, lapse, latitude, legacy, lexicon, livid, loathe, malignant, malleable.   Students will begin reading "There Will Come Soft Rains".  Five Paragraph essay on technology is due tomorrow - Tuesday, or can be turned in today (Monday) for 5 points extra credit.  (Directions and rubric are on Clever/Curve.)
Tuesday, Jan. 14 - Five Paragraph Essay on Technology is due at the beginning of class. Students will go over Voc. 17-2.  Students can make Vocabulary Flashcards for extra credit.  Cards will be checked Thursday.  Students will continue reading "There Will Come Soft Rains".
Wednesday, Jan. 15 - Students will correct G.W.U. 17-1 and Voc. 17-3.  Students will work on additional assignment for "There Will Come Soft Rains". 
Thursday, Jan. 16 - Extra Credit Flash Cards are due at the beginning of class. Students will correct G.W.U. 17-2 and Voc. 17-4.  Students will complete a figurative language assignment on "There Will Come Soft Rains".
Friday, Jan. 17 - Students will complete Voc. 17 Quiz. Students will complete a quiz over "There Will Come Soft Rains".  Figurative language assignment is due by the end of class.

Week of Jan. 6 - 10

Monday, Jan. 6 - Students will set up notebooks for the new semester.  Students will identify and complete Voc. 16-2.  Voc. 16 words:  intuition, invariably, invincible, irksome, irrational, irrelevant, itinerary, jargon, jostle, judicious.  Students will complete a 2019 Personal Reflection sheet.
Tuesday, Jan. 7 - Students will check Voc. 16-2.  Students will make 5 Vocabulary Expert Cards for homework.  Students will use yesterday's 2019 Personal Reflection Sheet to complete the Graphic Organizer sheet.  Graphic Organizer will be turned in at the end of class, or it can be finished for homework and turned in Wednesday.
Wednesday, Jan. 8 - Students will complete Voc. 16-3 and G.W.U. 16-1.  Student will make 5 more Vocabulary Expert Cards - all will be checked Thursday. Students will complete research on Ray Bradbury in preparation for reading "There Will Come Soft Rains".
Thursday, Jan. 10 - Students will complete Voc. 16-4 and G.W.U. 16-2.    Students will begin reading "There Will Come Soft Rains" and answer the study guide.  
Friday, Jan. 11 - Students will complete Voc. 16 quiz.  Students will finish reading "There Will Come Soft Rains" and answer the study guide.

Week of Dec. 16 - 20

Monday, Dec. 16 - Students will work on Voc. 11 - 14 review for the exam.  They will also work on organizing their notebooks for the notebook test tomorrow.
Tuesday, Dec. 17 - Students will complete Notebook Test.  Students will work on 2nd exam review over Julius Caesar.
Wednesday, Dec. 19 - Students will work on Exam reviews.  
Thursday, Dec. 20 - 4th period students will complete exam.  1st and 3rd period students will work on Exam reviews.
Friday, Dec. 21 - Students in 1st and 3rd periods will complete exam.

Week of Dec. 9 - 13

Monday, Dec. 9 - Students will complete Voc. 14 - 2.  Students will begin reading Act IV of Julius Caesar and answer the study guide.  Students will receive a Progress Report that needs to go home, have signed and returned by Friday, Dec. 13, in order to receive a 10 point Bonus Coupon.
Also, students will be offered opportunities to replace "Missing Assignments" in an effort to bring up their grades.  The "Replacement Assignments" must be completed and turned in by Monday, Dec. 16, in order to get credit.
Tuesday, Dec. 10 -  Students will review Voc. 14 - 2. Students will finish Act IV and begin Act V.
Wednesday, Dec. 11 - Students will complete Voc. 14-3. Students will finish reading Act V and complete the study guide.  
Thursday, Dec. 12 - Students will complete Voc. 14 - 3.  Students will complete Act V quiz.
Friday, Dec. 13 - Students will complete Voc. 14 quiz.  Students will watch Act  III speeches. Students will receive Voc. 11 - 14 review for next week's exam.

Week of Dec. 2 - 6

Monday, Dec. 2 - Vocab. 13 words:  hors d'oeuvre, immaculate, impartial, impediment, imperceptible, implacable, imposition, inaccessible, inadvertent, inalienable. Complete Voc. 13-2.  Students will begin reading Act III, sc. 2 - Brutus's funeral oration and analyze the speech.
Tuesday, Dec. 3 -  Review Voc. 13 - 2 and make Voc. Expert Cards for extra credit this week.  Begin reading  Mark Antony's funeral oration and analyze his speech.
Wed., Dec. 12 - Complete G.W.U. 13-1 and Voc. 13-3. Make Voc. Expert Cards for extra credit this week.  All 10 Voc. Expert Cards will be checked Thursday for 10 points extra credit on Friday's Voc. 13 quiz.  Finish reading Act III and take quiz over Act III.
Thursday, Dec. 13 - Complete G.W.U. 13-2 and Voc. 13-4.  Read Act IV and and answer the study guide.
Friday, Dec. 14 - Students will complete Voc.13 quiz.  Students will watch Act III of Julius Caesar.

Week of Nov. 18 - 22

Monday, Nov. 18 - Voc. 12 words: facsimile, farce, flagrant, fluctuate, fortitude, gloat, grimace, harass, heresy, hieroglyphic. Students will complete Voc. 12-2.   Students will continue reading Act II, sc. 1 and 2, and answer the study guide.
Tuesday, Nov. 19 - Students will go over Voc. 12-2.  Students will choose 5 of the vocabulary words to create 5 Context Paragraphs for homework due Thursday.  Students will finish reading Act II and complete the quiz over Act II
Wednesday, Nov. 20 - Students will complete G.W.U. sheet on Correct Run-on Sentences. Students will choose 5 of the vocabulary words to create 5 Context Paragraphs for homework due Thursday. Students will begin reading Act III.  TurnItIn writing assignment on "Soldier's Dilemma" is due today by 2:00 PM.
Thursday, Nov. 21 - Students will complete Voc. 12-3 sentences.  Students will  continue reading Act III, sc. 1 and 2.
Friday, Nov. 22 - Students will take Voc. 12 Quiz.  Students will complete analysis of Mark Antony's funeral speech.

Week of Nov. 12 - 15

Monday, Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day Holiday
Tuesday, Nov. 12 - Vocabulary 11 words:  espionage, ethical, evade, evolve, excerpt, expedient, explicate, exultant, fabricate, facilitate.  Students will complete Voc. 11-2. Students will complete Chronological Order assignment on Act I.  Students will read Act II, sc. 1 and answer the study guide.  Students will receive a Progress Report that needs to be taken home, have signed and returned for a Bonus coupon.
Wednesday, Nov. 13 - Students will review Voc. 11 - 2.  Students will receive a writing assignment to go along with Act II, sc. 1.  The assignment must be turned in on by Wednesday, Nov. 20.  Students will finish reading Act II, sc. 1 and answer the study guide.
Thursday, Nov. 14 - Students will complete G.W.U. 11 - 1 and Voc. 11 - 3.  Students will use their computers to complete a CFA.  The CFA grade may be used as a grade replacement if it is a 65 or higher,
Friday, Nov. 15 - Students will take a Voc. 11 quiz.  Last day to turn in signed Progress Reports.

Week of Nov. 4 - 8

Monday, Nov. 4 - Students should be working at home on the Voc. 6-10 crossword vocabulary review that they received Friday.  The review is due Friday and the test is Friday, Nov. 8.  Students will be assigned a selection on CommonLit that will be due Friday, Nov. 8.  The selection is on William Shakespeare.  Students will begin reading Julius Caesar Act. I, sc. 1 and answering the study guide.  
Tuesday, Nov. 5 - Students will read Act. I, sc. 2 and 3 and answer the study guide.
Wednesday, Nov. 6 - An actor from Tennessee Shakespeare will be present in all classes to talk about and perform Julius Caesar for the students.
Thursday, Nov. 7 - Students will finish reading Act I and take a quiz over Act I.  Students will begin reading Act II, sc. 1.
Friday, Nov. 8 -  Students will complete Voc. 6-10 Test.  CommonLit assignment on Shakespeare is due today. Students will continue reading Act I, sc. 1 and 2.

Oct. 28 - Nov. 1

Monday, Oct. 28 - Students will complete Voc. 10-2.  Voc. 10 words:  elite,   emancipate, emphatically,   encompass,    encumber,  enjoin,  ensue,   episode,  equilibrium,  erratic.  Students will complete a test over Parallel Structure.  Students will begin to watch powerpoint on William Shakespeare and fill in guided notes.  
Tuesday, Oct. 29 -   Students will review Voc. 10-2 and  create 2 truths and a lie for 5 vocabulary words.  Students will continue to watch powerpoint on William Shakespeare and complete guided notes.  Students will finish for homework.  (Powerpoint and questions are on Clever/Curve).
Wednesday, Oct. 30- Students will turn in Shakespeare guided notes.  Students will complete Voc. 10-3 and G.W.U. 10-1. Students will also create 2 truths and a lie for  5  more vocabulary words.  Two truths and a lie for all 10 vocabulary words is due Thursday.   Students will watch powerpoint on Julius Caesar and complete guided notes.  Finish guided notes for homework.  (Powerpoint and questions are on Clever/Curve).
Thursday, Oct. 31 - Students will complete G.W.U. 10-2.  Students will finish guided notes for homework.  (Powerpoint and questions are on Clever/Curve).
Friday, Nov. 1 - Students will complete Voc. 10 quiz.  Students will receive Voc. 6-10 review.  Voc. 6 - 10 Test will be Friday, Nov. 8.

Week of Oct. 21 - 25

Monday, Oct. 21 - Students will turn in "mini Night project" if it was not turned in on the Friday before fall break.  Students will match Voc. 9-2 words:  diminutive,  disperse,  diversion,  documentary,   ecstatic,  edifice,  edify,  effervescent,  eject,  electorate.    Students will set up their notebooks for the next semester.  Students will then complete a Night Chart that will be used for the writing assignment tomorrow.  
Tuesday, Oct. 2 -   Students will review Voc. 9-2 and make 5 Voc. expert cards for homework.  Students will then use the Night Chart from Monday to complete a writing assignment on Night.  The assignment will be turned in on TurnItIn. com and will be due at the end of the day Wednesday.  
Wednesday, Oct. 23-   Students will complete Voc. 9-3 and G.W.U. 9-1. Students will create  5  more vocabulary expert cards for homework.  All 10 cards will be due tomorrow..  Student will then begin reviewing Parallelism.
Thursday, Oct. 24 - Students will complete G.W.U. 9-2 and Voc. 9-4.  Students will continue with the review and practice of Parallelism.
Friday, Nov. 2 - Students will complete Voc. 9 quiz, and complete a test over Parallelism.